What Happens Next with the Brian Laundrie Situation?

Scott Snyder
5 min readOct 22, 2021

Will we ever know the exact truth? Maybe — maybe not

Brian Laundrie-Source: Moab PD

A crucial development in the Brian Laundrie/Gabby Petito case has emerged. It’s now been reported that the remains found in a Florida nature reserve, are indeed that of Laundrie. Authorities used dental records to identify Laundrie, who many believe is solely responsible for the murder of Gabby Petito. I include myself in that list who believe.

A very odd case, to say the least

Being a former police investigator, there are pieces of this case that simply don’t make sense to me. And sadly, there are things that make me wonder if we will ever completely piece together what truly happened.

The fact that Laundrie’s notebook was recovered among his remains, is hopeful. Hopeful that it may provide some much-needed insight as to what actually occurred in the hours and minutes surrounding Gabby’s tragic death. And some experts believe that the parents of Brian Laundrie may have finally given the FBI details of what they know, in exchange for immunity. I’m talking about immunity from prosecution, for obstructing the investigation.

Here is something that doesn’t make sense to me. Part of my 20-year police career was spent as a K-9 handler. My dog was a tracking dog that I utilized countless times, to locate suspects, runaways, etc. I will never forget the very first time that I employed K-9 Koenig. A juvenile had run away from our county shelter facility for troubled boys. I was called on to utilize Koenig, in an attempt to locate the youth. I was given a location where the boy was last seen, which happened to be a spot just off Hwy 101in Oregon, near a marshy area that leads to a slough.

Upon arrival at the scene, I harnessed Koenig, and began the search. Without hesitation, my dog picked up a scent, and led me through the marsh, in a beeline for the slough. We were about halfway to the slough, when Koenig abruptly stopped at a stream of water that was approximately three feet deep. He began alerting, by barking furiously. And then, without further ado, Koenig lunged at the stream and growled. Immediately, the terrified teen emerged from under the stream, and was taken into custody. He had literally been hiding underwater, and my dog was still…



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