Femicide in Ireland

Ashling Murphy was murdered, as she jogged in broad daylight

Scott Snyder


23 year old Ashling Murphy-Courtesy: Daily Beast/Twitter

As I write this story at just past 5:30 AM, folks in Ireland are extremely angry.

Yesterday, at just past 4:00 PM, a young and well-loved woman was murdered, as she jogged along the banks of the Grand Canal in Tullamore. 23 year old Ashling Murphy was a primary school teacher in the town. She had gotten off work about an hour earlier, and decided to go jogging along the very popular pathway that runs along the canal. She never made it home. According to those who knew her, Ashling was well liked and loved by many. She also was known for performing traditional Irish music with her family members. People in the area are considering this an absolute tragedy.

According to reports, Ashling was still alive when rescuers arrived. She was first spotted by two women, who were walking in the area. The women went to a nearby residence and reported the find. Police were called, and they arrived shortly after. In spite of attempts to save Ashling, she succumbed to her injuries shortly after. Police have stated that Ashling’s injuries and death are consistent with a severe assault.

Increase in violence towards Irish women

The Irish Examiner has stated that there has been an increase of violence perpetrated towards women in Ireland. Many are outraged that in some areas, women cannot walk even during daylight hours, and feel completely safe. Authorities are calling for more measures to be put into place, in order to make the safety of women a priority.

In custody

Police in Tullamore have released a statement saying that a male suspect has been arrested. Per their reports, the male is a Romanian National who has lived in the area for approximately twenty years. He is, according to reports, in his forties, and well known to police in the area.

Fiona’s Way

In a twist of fate, the murder of Ashling took place along a path known as Fiona’s Way. It is named in memory of Fiona Pender, who disappeared at the age of 25, while walking along the path in 1995. Fiona was pregnant, and has never been found.



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