Another Year Without Answers for Jodi

Jodi Huisentruit remains missing, as we enter 2022

Scott Snyder
3 min readJan 11, 2022


News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit-courtesy: Famous People

As 2022 rolls around, it marks another year for many, who struggle with the loss of a friend, collegue and loved one. For those who knew and loved Jodi Huisentruit, that loss burns like a still-very-hot poker.

Jodi Huisentruit was a journalist and news anchor at KIMT-TV, who had so much ahead of her. And yet, she never achieved those hopes and dreams. Jodi was abducted in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995, in Mason City, Iowa. She was running late for work, and as Jodi approached her red Mazda Miata, which was parked just steps away from her door at the Key Apartments, someone took her as she started to get into her vehicle. Jodi has never been found.

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While there has never been an official suspect named in Jodi’s disappearance, there have been two persons of interest named in the case. Jodi’s friend John VanSice has been cleared by authorities, who don’t believe he is responsible for Jodi’s demise. Additionally, currently incarcerated serial rapist Tony Jackson has been named as a possible player in Jodi’s abduction, yet he has vehemently denied any knowledge of her disappearance. Jackson was living in Mason City when Jodi was taken. He has stated that he never met Jodi, in spite of a friend of Jackson’s saying that is not true. The friend has claimed that Jackson met and spoke to Jodi on at least one occasion, at a local lounge in Mason City.

The bottom line is this: Jodi Huisentruit is out there somewhere, and needs to come home. I have interviewed Jodi’s sister JoAnn Nathe regarding Jodi’s disappearance. You can read that story here on my Medium account You may also check out my other writings, regarding Jodi’s case — a case that remains open to this day.

People with information are sometimes hesitant to come forward. Please don’t be one of those people. As a former police detective, I can tell you that even the most simple tip can sometimes turn into a lead which can help solve a case.

There are three avenues for you, or someone you know, to provide information on Jodi’s case. You may contact the team Or you may reach the Mason City Police Department at (641) 421–3636, or the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) at (402) 650–7458.

If you have an interest in Jodi’s case, you will most likely find the official FindJodi podcast of value. The podcast is produced by Scott Fuller, who is part of the FindJodi team. Scott can be found on Twitter @FullerOnAir / Twitter. The podcast itself can be reached here.

Don’t be silent. It’s well past time for Jodi Huisentruit to come home.

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